Yassitepe Mound

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The longest settlement at the mound was during the Early Bronze Age, and a total of 14 sites have been identified in the excavated areas so far. It is understood that these sites were constructed as a new iteration of the buildings in the IIB1 and IIB2 levels, which are part of the Yassıtepe Early Bronze Age levels and have a distinct architectural plan that underwent minimal changes. Findings obtained from the test trench indicate that the architectural tradition of these floors began with floor IIB3. The presence of common walls and door openings between these spaces suggests that the settlement was largely built as a complex at the same time. C14 analyses conducted on the Early Bronze Age layers of Yassıtepe Mound indicate two time periods, namely between 3020-2900 BC and 2880-2830 BC. Therefore, the dates and findings obtained reveal that a cultural process took place in Yassıtepe at the beginning of the Early Bronze Age, predating Troy I.