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In Egyptian religion, a sky goddess and great divine mother. Mut may have originated either in the Nile River delta or in Middle Egypt. During the 18th dynasty (1539-1292 BC), she became the companion of the god Amon at Thebes, forming the Theban triad with him and Khons, who was said to be Mut's son. The name Mut means mother and her role was that of an older woman among the gods. She was associated with the uraeus (rearing cobra), lionesses, and royal crowns. She was also identified with other goddesses, mainly Bastet and Sekhmet. At Thebes the principal festival of Mut was her navigation on the distinctive horseshoe-shaped lake or Isheru that surrounded her temple complex at Karnak. Mut was usually represented as a woman wearing the double crown (of Upper and Lower Egypt) typically worn by the king and by the god Atum. She was also occasionally depicted with the head of a lioness.