Karabucak Mausoleum

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Myra is located in the modern-day district of Demre (Kale) in the Antalya province of Turkey. The mausoleum in Myra is situated near the modern road between Myra and Sura. It is constructed with square limestone blocks and rises on a three-tiered platform. It has a rectangular plan and features Corinthian pilasters at the corners, with the northwest corner being exceptionally well-preserved to this day. Access to the structure is provided through an ornate gateway on the northern side, reached via a staircase. The gateway is adorned with relief sculptures depicting lion head motifs. On the southern short side of the burial chamber, there are two small burial chambers. In front of the eastern and western walls, there are platforms where sarcophagi likely once stood. The current height of the monument is 12 meters.