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Iris reigned as the divine custodian of the rainbow and served as the celestial messenger of the Olympian deities. She was frequently hailed as the loyal attendant and personal envoy of Hera. Inextricably linked to the realms of sea and sky, her lineage revealed Thaumas, "the wondrous," as her father, a marine deity, and Elektra, "the amber," as her mother, a cloud-nymph. Along the coastal regions of Greece, the rainbow's graceful arc often bridged the gap between the billowing clouds and the shimmering sea, leading to the belief that Iris replenished the rain-clouds with seawater. Iris, however, lacked a distinct mythology of her own and primarily emerged as a diligent messenger, consistently described as a chaste goddess. Her name held a dual significance, connecting with both the Greek term "iris," denoting "the rainbow," and "eiris," signifying "messenger."