The Most Realistic Sculptures of the Period Were Found in Karahantepe

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In the excavation works carried out in Karahantepe, one of the most realistic sculptures of the era has come to light. Measuring 2.3 meters in height and displaying a realistic facial expression, this sculpture is a candidate to be one of the most impressive examples of prehistoric art. It was found fixed to the ground inside a niche.

Furthermore, in the area where the sculpture resembling a deceased human with emphasized rib, spine, and shoulder bones was found, a vulture sculpture placed on the wall and stone plates placed on the ground were also discovered.

Additionally, in the D structure of Göbeklitepe, a life-sized wild boar sculpture made of limestone was found. This artifact, which exhibits traces of red, white, and black pigments on its surface, marks the first painted sculpture from its era to the present day. The wild boar sculpture discovered at Göbeklitepe was found on a niche adorned with decorations believed to be an H-shaped symbol, a crescent, two snakes, and three human faces or masks.


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